West Pokot

Katuko has an easy smile and smooth skin. He is lean, all traces of fat melted off by the unforgiving West Pokot sun. His eyes are kind and playful. A complete opposite to those of Selemoi Rionongura’s Lokoureng’s. Selemoi’s show no sign of softness.

His are eyes that have seen it all. They are not angry. They are eyes that tell you they cannot be widened by shock. Eyes that have seen life and death in the time it takes to bat an eyelid.

“We had to survive by raiding trucks transporting goods and foodstuff between Kitale and Lodwar.”

It wasn’t easy though. Sometimes, a loaded truck would provide the best cover for a police ambush.

“We learnt to live with bullets,” he says.

But this getting used to lead also meant getting used to loss of life…. On Assignment for ActChangeTransform #WestPokot

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